Dr Ing James Foden


Dr Ing James Foden is a warranted engineer by profession with an extensive track record within R&D&I across the knowledge triangle, with particular expertise in manufacturing engineering, technology management and technology strategy. His education includes a first degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta, an M.Phil. in Materials and an Engineering Doctorate in High Performance Applications in Aerospace & Related Technologies, both conducted with Rolls-Royce plc. and the University of Birmingham, UK.

James Foden has held various positions within the local and UK private sector across the energy generation, pharmaceutical and aviation industries, with the latter being the most predominant. Within the academic domain, James Foden has published number of articles and conference papers on advanced manufacturing, technology foresight, technology management and capability acquisition, whilst also having worked for academic institutions including the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology, as well as the University of Malta.

His current role is that of Senior Director, Strategy, Research and Technical Affairs at the Malta Council for Science and Technology. Within his role, he is responsible for the entity’s three technical units that cover Policy, Strategy, Internationalisation, National Funding Programmes for R&I, local participation in the EU Framework Programme, as well as Space. He is the main national delegate for Malta relations with the European Space Agency and a Council Member and Vice-President for Eurisy. He has been key in developing a number of international bilateral agreements, as well as through his team, promoting opportunities within the Space Sector and jump-starting local capacity-building, particularly in the field of downstream satellite applications.

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