Dr Ing. Kenneth Chircop


Dr Ing. Chircop graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2004. He started his professional career researching avionics systems at Cranfield University, UK. He moved to the industry in 2005, where he spent more than three years at Hunt Engineering UK Ltd., developing high-speed electronic systems for a range of industrial applications. In 2008, Dr Ing. Chircop returned to Malta to join the Department of Electronics Systems Engineering at the University of Malta, during which time he obtained his Ph.D. in aircraft trajectory optimisation techniques. During this time he lectured in electronics and conducted research in avionics systems and air traffic management.

In May 2016, Dr Ing. Chircop moved back to the industry to take up the position of Chief Executive Officer at Malta Air Traffic Services (MATS). MATS provides air traffic services to aircraft flying in the Malta Flight Information Region (lower and upper), search and rescue services, as well as terminal and aerodrome services for Malta International Airport. Dr Ing. Chircop is a member of the Air Navigation Services Providers Committee of the BLUE-MED Functional Airspace Block (Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta), and is a member of the Air Navigation Services Board at EUROCONTROL, amongst other roles. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta.

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